Mar 2015 Stone of the Month

YELLOW OPAL, a rare discovery from Napa County California

Rare Napa County Yellow Opal, our Mar 2015 Stone of the Month, it was uncovered many years ago by a bulldozer at the Manhatten gold mine in Napa County, Calif. Local collectors were called in to take it away, by the end of the next day it was gone. It’s extremely rare and seldom seen for sale, especially in designer cabochons. I heard a rumor once they found some of this in Utah, but not the same quality. I don’t know of another yellow colored stone coming from the U.S.

It’s the hardest material to come by so don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy. I’m always looking for more rough, if you have some let me know.

This material can, at times, show striations which were caused by geothermal actions many eons ago. There is also some white material inclusions which I can’t identify, I believe it just adds to the beauty of this stone. If your a collector of fluorescent material you will love this opal, it fluoresces to a brighter yellow.

Napa Co. Lemon Opal Designer CabochonNapa Co. Lemon Opal Designer CabochonNapa Co. Lemon Opal Designer Cabochon

You can see why we selected this as our Mar 2015 Stone of the Month, the beautiful yellow color of this stone is a “one of a kind”. It will make your designer jewelry stand out like no one elses.

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Mineral properties, Metaphysical and Folklore info

Yellow Opal is said to be a stone of emotional stability. Often used to amplify your positive emotions, and also useful when balancing the crown chakra. The opal is said to be many things, it’s a powerful healing stone, a stone of hope, and a stone of great achievement and some have even said it’s the stone of the Gods. During ancient Roman times it was associated with hope and good luck.

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