Black Goldstone cabochon, 24x35x3.5 mm, flat back, natural (bg101861)x

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Black Goldstone cabochon

Maybe this is what they call Goldstone which is a man made gemstone, but I'm not sure. There are rumors saying it was created by monks working in a glass factory near Venice, Italy. This glass was accidentally made while practicing alchemy. It crystallized into thousands of tiny crystals and formed a melt with golden light sparkles. Goldstone is normally red, blue and green, never a black.

My designer cabochons are made from a black material I purchased at an estate sale. I researched to find out where it came from. I found nothing listed that ever showed a black Goldstone was ever created. I've seen dealers selling what they said was black goldstone but when I got it, it was just a dark blue. This material flashes beautifully as it turns in the light. I took my pictures at all angles. The white spots in the pictures are crystals and hundreds of them are not seen in the pictures.

When I first researched this material many years ago I found an internet site that said something like this was found in the ground and equaled goldstone except that it was black. I did test for dye by putting it in muriatic acid, no adverse affect, so it isn't dyed. If it was created by the Monks, it was a mistake.

Approx size: 24 by 35 by 3.5 mm. Weight: 26.4 ct

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