Victorville Black Jade Cabochon, 12x35x5 mm, rare jade magnetite (V11971)

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Victorville Black Jade Designer Cabochon

Location: Victorville, Calif.Color: This material is black and contains Magnetite.
Characteristics: Bright mirror polish all sides, sanded flat back, nephrite jade with magnetite, oblong shape.

Approx size: 16 by 26 by 5 mm. Weight 25.9 ct

This is another material that is seldom seen for sale. The government closed off the digging site years ago. The 25' hole getting to the jade was completely filled in.

This is a Nephrite Jade. It takes a great polish, better than a lot of nephrite jade and equal to some Wyoming black jade. No green tint in this stone. This stone can be electroplated with gold or silver onto the Magnetite. I have electroplated many pieces with 24k gold and silver and they look fantastic, It makes great looking jewelry or keep it for a specimen. 

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