Preformed rough slabs for rings, accents, pendants rare, scarce (rs5703)

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Small preformed rough slabs, $5 each

Origin:  World wide  
Colors : Blue, brown, green white, clear, black and gray

Material: Ocean Jasper, Chrysocolla, Chrome Chalcedony, lapis, prudent man plume,  Shattuckite, Oregon Opal, East Java purple Chalcedony, Azurite malachite .

Characteristics:  Unfinished lapidary slabs, preformed to help you make your cabs easier or finish them for specimens, translucent to opaque. Beautiful size for rings, pendants or accent stones.  Rare, scarce and unique rough slabs. 

Each one is $5.00, give us the number you are purchasing.  

Approx sizes, Please use the background 10mm squares and the 18mm dime to help with sizing.  Give us the corresponding number and name below or the row and number from left to right when making your purchase.  If you have a problem please contact us

  1. Lapis 

  2. East Java Chalcedony
  3. Chrome Chalcedony
  4. Oregon Opal, 
  5. Shattuckite, 
  6. Amazonite/Diopside
  7. Chrysocolla in quartz

  8. Lemon Chrysocolla (horse picture)
  9. Peruvian Opal (scenic picture), 

These slabs are not like a normal rough slab, I've taken the time to remove all or most of the pits and fracture lines and then I used 180 or 320 diamond grit to shape the edges, and smooth the front and back to make it easier for you to finish.

Combining items with 2 or more listings. If they will fit in a standard package I will ship them in it with no extra charges, just additional postage if needed. 

Free Mystery item - Purchase 2 or more listings and get a free mystery item.

Preformed slabs:  My slabs have all or most of the pits and open fractures removed to produce a more acceptable slab for you to finish.  The front and back have been smoothed. 

Finishing purchased slabs:  My recommendations are for you to start with 325 diamond grit, change to 220 if 325 is not removing grit lines,  and finish with 600 grit before polishing.  I have created several posts that show how I create cabs,  see my website blog on Designsbyshirl. 

My pictures: I use a full spectrum 45 w light bulb - photography photo CFL 5500K.  It's a daylight balanced pure white light. 

My first picture shows the items wet, picture 2 and 3 are taken dry and the remaining pictures are taken wet.   Wet pictures bring out the colors you should see in a finished product.  The 2nd and 3rd pictures show the show items dry, this should show imperfections (small cracks or pits) if there are any.  Contact us if you have any questions.  Translucent items will have at least one picture taken with a backlight.

An 18 mm dime or 24mm quarter and 10 mm background squares in some pictures should help you with image sizing.


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