We are a husband and wife shop that started over 20 years ago making our cabs and jewelry.  In 2011 we opened a shop on Etsy, selling designer gemstone cabochons, wire wrap jewelry, designer jewelry and Greek coin jewelry.  We are now phasing out Etsy as our main shop and only continue to sell rough and slab material there. We love pleasing everyone and we will continue to do this in this new shop with our cabs and jewelry. 

This shop is loaded with rare and unique designer cabochons, artistic wire wrap and ancient Greek and Roman Coin jewelry for sale. We have a 100% money back refund policy. Our cabochons have the best possible polish front and sides and a sanded flat smooth back, Our pictures don't really show how beautiful the items our.  We have over 1800 reviews that will attest to how well our customers love our work.

This is a link to our reviews from Etsy customers.

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