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Nice to Know shop info

If any item shows OUT OF STOCK we may be able to duplicate the item for you, send us a note by selecting CONTACT FORM found in the left column.  

Purchase 3 or more cabs and I will put a nice gift cab in your box.

Our designer cabochons are expertly finished with our best polish on all sides. The backs are sanded flat and finished with our best polish.

All cabochons are made for easy bezel setting and wire wrapping.  If you need any adjustment to a cabochon you purchased from us, send us a note describing what you need.

If you have your own cab and would like to have it adjusted for fitting or re-polished it may be possible, send us a note describing what you have and what you want done.

Shirl’s artistic wire wrapped jewelry uses only the best materials which often includes our scarce and rare designer cabochons, all these cabochons have our best polish on all sides. 

Our ancient coin jewelry uses authentic 1800 - 2400 year old Greek and Roman coins. Each coin is cleaned electronically to show well in jewelry. If you don't see something you want, send us a note. 

All our handmade Jewelry is made at our bench.


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All items are guaranteed to look better in real life. All cabs have a beautiful polish but I can't show it in the pictures. Pictures are normally enlarged, approx size is given in the item description and a picture with a US coin is used in one picture to show size comparison (a dime is 18 mm, a quarter is 25 mm). The back of the cabochon is generally pictured with the coin. 

If you have a special cab order, our prices are $1-$1.50 ct, this price is related to the type of stone you need.  Example: A small cab 15x20x5-6 mm, normal weight, will cost approximately $20-$22.  Cabs will be finished on all sides with a small dome front and a flat back. 

Never use super glue to attach your cabochon to a setting, super glue requires air to harden.  Always rough up the area of the cabochon and setting, glue will adhere to the rough area, a 2 part epoxy works great, make sure you mix the 2 parts for a full minute.

If you set a translucent stone put a high polish on the inside of the setting to reflect the light, adding epoxy on the inside edges of the setting will prevent clouding. 

If your looking for small cabs for accent or rings code SMALL in the search box located upper left side on any page..

100% money back guarantee.  It won't cost you to send it back if there is something wrong with the item.

If you purchase 5- 10  cabs and want to only keep 1 we will pay for return shipping which must be returned in the same box and padded envelope.  .. 

Thank you for visiting our shop, enjoy your time browsing or buying.

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