11 Misc designer cabochons, natural, scarce and rare, polished, front and back. (c51391)


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11 Designer Cabochons

Cabs are $50 for all 11. 

Origin: USA, Russia, Mexico, Africa

Characteristics: High polish front and back, flat backs.  Priced right for pendants or for your collection.  Ready to put into designer jewelry.  I'm not doing cabs anymore so all my cabs must go, check out my individual sales.  These all come from my bench using my rough.   


Row 1: Indian Paint picture stone, Binghamite, Morrisonite Jasper, Binghamite

Row 2: Amethyst Sage, Eudialyte, Victorville black Jade, Royal Imperial Jasper.

Row 3: Royal Imperial Jasper, Indian Paint picture stone(sold), Sugilite, Flame Agate

I used an 18 mm coin and 10 mm squares in my picture to help with image sizing. 

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