2 Ancient Roman coins, for earrings, rings, charms or keep as specimens. cleaned for jewelry (c121765)x


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Ancient Roman Coins

Approx size: 2 coins: 4.4 grams, 16 mm, 1-2 mm thick.

1st to 3rd Century AD Roman coins. Guaranteed authentic. Not the best quality but cleaned so your bracelet, necklace, earrings, charm or ring will look great. These coins are linked to the ancient history of the Roman Empire get them now while they are still available. These coins are drying up fast in the market place and now only authorized excavators are allowed to sell to legitimate dealers and some countries now prohibit the selling of these artifacts. 
I cleaned the coins to remove the 2000 year old dirt and make them presentable for jewelry. These coins are thin and have some chips on the edges caused by many years of use and usually found in the ground. The coins have enough detail for you to research and put a name to the Emperor on the front, such as Aurelian, Caligula, Caracalla, Constantine, Contantinus, Crispus, Elagabalus, Callienus, Licinius, Maximinus, Tiberius, and many others.

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