27 Ancient Roman and Byzantine coin lot, 20-40 mm, Jesus coins, M coins, Emperors, cleaned for jewelry, JESUS CHRIST Class A2 Anonymous 1028 AD Byzantine Follis Coin (c102781)


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27 Ancient Roman and Byzantine coin lot, 6 1028 AD Byzantine coins showing Jesus Christ

1st to 3rd Century AD Roman coins. Guaranteed authentic. These coins are linked to the ancient history of the Roman Empire, get them now while they are still available. These coins are drying up fast and increasing in price..

Approx size: 20-40 mm round, weight: 216 g. 

I cleaned these coins of the 1800 year old dirt and now the coins show what's on them, some are hard to see but if you know your coins you will be able to make out most of them.  Check out pictures 3-5 to see better closeups of each coin.

Check out pictures 6-9 to see just one of my best Jesus Christ Class A2 Anonymous Ancient 1028 AD Byzantine Follis Coin.  Just this coin alone will get you your money back.  You can't purchase this coin on Ebay with a lower price than what I'm asking for these 27 coins.  My prices are low because I bought low 5 years ago.

I can make out 6 coins containing Jesus (the last 4 pictures show 1 of them). 6 M coins and a lot containing an Emperor on the face of the coins.  They will make unique pendants or keep them as a specimen. These coins will make interesting jewelry, one coin pendant will get your money back..  

100% cash back refund if approved, all coins will have to be returned within 7 days, refund will be given if they compare to my pictures.  Buyer pays for all shipping costs if returned, if for some reason it's my fault than I will pay for the shipping costs. No returns after 7 days..  .

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