27 Ancient Roman coins, 20-40 mm, Jesus coins, M coins, Emperors, cleaned for jewelry, (c111471)


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27 Ancient Roman Coins, first coins with Jesus

Approx size: 20-40 mm round, weight: 216 g. 

1st to 3rd Century AD Roman coins. Guaranteed authentic. These coins are linked to the ancient history of the Roman Empire, get them now while they are still available. These coins are drying up fast in the market place and now only authorized excavators are allowed to sell to legitimate dealers and some countries now prohibit the selling of these artifacts.

I cleaned these coins of the 1800 year old dirt and now the coins show they are worn and some you can barely make out a relief on them. I can make out several coins containing Jesus and some of the M coins  They will make unique pendants or keep them as a specimen. I didn't research them because I'm not an expert in identifying what's on coins that are well worn, there maybe a rare one in the batch.  These are not the best condition but would make interesting jewelry.

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