6 small rough slabs, natural stones, Peruvian opal, Crazy Lace, Poppy Jasper, etc. (rs12171)


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6 small rough slabs for cabochons

Origin: Peru, Mexico, Africa, Indonesia and Arizona
Characteristics: Small rough slabs, mix of colors.  Peruvian Opal, Crazy Lace, Poppy Jasper, Chrysocolla, Palm wood, Moss agate with red areas. 
I have to much to cab so I'll be selling off a lot of my rough I use to create designer cabochons.  My pictures should show any pitting or fractures.  Each one should make one or two nice cabochons. 


Approx size: A dime (18mm) in the picture should give you an idea how big they are.  Thickness: 5-7 mm  Weight: 437 ct

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If you need a special cab made with our available rough send us a note.