Amazonite with Diopside cabinet specimen, rough specimen, rare specimen (s1371)

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Amazonite and Diopside rough cabinet specimen

Type: Amazonite with Diopside specimen
Origin: Morocco
Colors: Blue tones, greenish gray.
Material: Natural amazonite and diopside
Characteristics: Rough cabinet specimen, flat on the bottom, smooth sanded front

I purchased this from the son of a dealer that stored this material away for 50 years. Written on the box was Amazonite and Diopside. Amazonite and Diopside found together in a stone is so rare I haven't found anything else like it on the internet. I did find a person who said he saw a dealer from Morocco selling a specimen in Tucson some years back. He said it was first discovered back in the 60's and found in Morocco. I tested a small piece in acid which didn't have a negative reaction on the colors. No other tests performed. Cabs are available in this shop.

Approx size: Height: 3 1/8 ", thickest point: 1 1/2 ", widest point: 2 1/2 " Weight: 11 ounces

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Materials: Amazonite and Diopside,Cabinet specimen

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