Amazonite with Diopside rough slab, 30 x 41 x 5 mm, pre-formed slab (rs6392)

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Amazonite and Diopside Designer Cabochon

Origin:  Morocco

Characteristics: Rough unfinished slab, rare material, beautiful blue Amazonite and green Diopside.  Cut for cabs or keep for rare specimen.  Very small pits may be seen in the Diopside because of its crystal structure makeup.  Surface fracture line on the front lower left, can be seen in pictures, doesn't hurt the integrity or the beauty of the stone.  

Approx size: irregular 30 x 41 x 5 mm. Weight: 14.1 g

All pictures taken wet to bring out colors you will see in a polished product.  

Slab was shaped and the front and back sanded with 320 grit.

I use a 24 mm coin and 10 mm squares in my pictures to help with image sizing.

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