Amethyst Sage Chalcedony rough slab, 34 x 42 x 5mm, purple dendrites (rs41595)

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Amethyst Sage Rough Slab.

Origin: Northern Nevada, USA

Colors: White, gray, black and translucent purple..

Characteristics:  Translucent chalcedony with dendrites, natural USA material. Hardness 7.5-8, takes a great polish..  

Amethyst Sage, a translucent agate found in the Bilk Mountain range, in northern Nevada. It's name was derived from the lavender and sometime purple colors that make up this stone.  This will make fantastic looking cabochons.

Approx size:  34 x  42 x 5 mm.  Weight: 16.1

First 2 pictures taken wet to bring out colors you see in a polished product.  

Slab was shaped and the front and back sanded with 180 grit.

I use a 24 mm coin and 10 mm squares in my pictures to help with image sizing.

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