Ancient Byzantine coin, Anonymous Class G, bronze, Christ, 1068 AD (c13171)

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Ancient Byzantine Coin, Bust of Christ

Approx size: 27 x 25 mm, 2 mm thick. Weight: 7.6 grams

Byzantine Empire Anonymous Class G
Bronze Follis Struck during the reign of Romanus IV, Diogenes - Byzantine Emperor: 1 January 1068 A.D. - 19 August 1071 A.D. 

It's hard to make out some of what is on the coin but this is what there suppose to be: Bust of Christ facing , wearing a nimbus crown, pallium and colobium, and raising right hand in benediction; in left hand, scroll; to left, IC; to right, XC; border of large pellets. Facing bust of the Virgin orans, nimbate and wearing pallium and maphorium; to left, MP; to right..


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We state they are authentic, in the unlikely event that a coin I sell is later deemed by an expert (one who has credentials) to be a fake or counterfeit, I will refund your cost of the coin, including shipping, and I will forward info on the coin to several sites on the Internet that list and show coins that are fakes or counterfeit.

I think if a dealer gives you a certificate on an inexpensive coin, I think its a gimmick that some dealers use to sell there product. If you have a report on the coin that states all the particulars of the coin and attests to the authenticity, shows pictures of both the front and back, that report would have cost a minimum of $40, it is not easy to evaluate each and every coin. I can see the necessity if the coin is of a great value, but not inexpensive coins (coins under $200).

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