Ancient Byzantine coin, Justin II & Queen Sophia, 565 AD, copper (c112071)

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Ancient Byzantine Coin, Justin II and Sophia

Obs: Justin II on left, and Sophia on right, seated facing on double throne, both nimbate; he holds globe and cross, she holds cruciform sceptre.   
Rev: Large M; to left A /N/ N / O; to right numerals representing regnal year beneath, officina letter, exergue CON.


Approx size: 30 mm, 2.5 mm thick, weight: 13.1 grams



This is my info on authenticating an ancient coin. If a dealer gives you a certificate on an inexpensive coin, I think its a gimmick that some dealers use to sell there product.

If you have a report on the coin that states all the particulars of the coin and attests to the authenticity, shows pictures of both the front and back, that report would have cost a minimum of $40, it is not easy to evaluate each and every coin. I can see the necessity if the coin is of a great value, but not inexpensive coins (coins under $200).

I get my coins in auction from respected dealers that guarantee they are authentic, they get them from licensed excavators in foreign countries. Most times I clean the coins for jewelry when I get them. I then research them on the internet and in books in order to identify them. If your worried about counterfeit or copies, counterfeit coins have been identified from as far back at the time the originals were made, even for experts they would have a hard time identifying these coins as fakes, most copies are poorly made and are easy to identify and there are some Internet sites that list many coins as copies and fakes.

We state they are authentic, in the unlikely event that a coin I sell is later deemed by an expert (one who has credentials) to be a fake or counterfeit, I will refund your cost of the coin, including shipping, and I will forward info on the coin to several sites on the Internet that list and show coins that are fakes or counterfeit.

100% money back return, see return policy for more info.

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