Ancient Roman Glass Necklace, 20" hand made chain, hangs 14", (w060)x

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Ancient Roman Glass Necklace with 14kgf handmade chain

Origin: Ancient Roman glass factories in Israel

Materials: Roman glass fragments, faceted glass beads, 14kgf handmade chain

Size of pendant: 2 3/4" long, 1 1/4" wide, approx length of chain: 20", hangs 24" with the 2 dangle pieces.

My roman glass fragments were purchased direct from an Israeli roman artifacts dealer. The glass is over 2000 years old and found near ancient glass factories. I had to clean off layers of dirt and then protected the glass with an acrylic conformal coating that forms a transparent protective barrier.

Beautiful pieces of glass altered by 2000 years in desert sand. Produced by Roman factories and didn't make it to the final shape and later discarded outside the glass factory.