Ancient Roman Glass Shards from Hebron Roman glass factories (rg121491)

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2000 year old blue and green Roman glass fragments. 

Approx weight: 30 grams. A 24 mm quarter in the picture helps to show size of glass. 

My roman glass fragments were purchased direct from an Israeli Roman artifacts dealer. The glass is over 2000 years old and found near ancient glass factories.

Beautiful pieces of glass altered by 2000 years in Israeli desert sand. Maybe original parts of a perfume vial (for Cleopatra maybe) or a thin bottle that didn't make it to the final shape and was discarded outside the glass factory. My photos can't bring out the real beauty of this glass. Many of these pieces contain the beautiful iridescence produced by the sand. Incorporate these beautiful shards into your jewelry or keep as unique display specimens. With care they should last another 2000 years. 

It's impossible to show how different and unique these Roman glass fragments are.  When they have iridescence with flashes of red, green, pink and white they really make the glass come alive. When made into jewelry the wearers are going to love the compliments and the look of her ancient glass jewelry. Even the green and blue glass without the iridescence has a look of age and makes beautiful and unique jewelry. You will be surprised at how this looks in real life. You'll get what's in the picture, there are thin and thick pieces. 

My  3rd and 4th pictures show earrings and pendants, I have some pendants  still available in my handmade jewelry section. If you going to drill holes it takes a delicate touch, just take it slow and easy and under water. I use a battery operated hand Dremel that has slow speed. See my bottom note on drilling.

Iridescence is the rainbow-like effect that changes according to the angle from which glass is viewed or the angle of incidence of the source of light. It is this quality that makes many pieces of Roman glass so appealing to viewers. On ancient glass, iridescence is caused by interference effects of light reflected from several layers of weathering products. 

Hebron is the site of the oldest Jewish community in the world, which dates back to Biblical times. Hebron glass refers to glass produced in Hebron as part of a flourishing art industry established in the city during Roman rule in Palestine. For centuries, Hebron has been associated with glass production in the same way as Nablus has been associated with the production of soap. Hebron's Old City still contains a section named the "Glass-Blower Quarter" and Hebron glass continues to serve as a tourist attraction for the city. Glass fragments are found at the sites of many Roman factories flourishing 2000 years ago.

Traditionally, the glass was melt down using local raw materials, including sand from neighboring villages, sodium carbonate (from the Dead Sea), and coloring additives such as iron oxide and copper oxide. Glass production in Hebron is a family trade, the secrets of which have been preserved and passed down by a few Palestinian families who operate the glass factories located just outside the city.

Like other fine jewels, ancient Roman Glass should be treated with care to preserve its natural beauty. Avoid exposing Roman Glass to chemicals. 

Drilling your glass

This is how I did my drilling. There was a lot of experimenting and I found if you drill to fast and put pressure on the drill you may break the thin glass, so easy does it.

You will need a battery operated Dremel, a small pin vise (sold where you buy your Dremel) to hold the smallest drill bits for drilling glass that you can find. You will want to start with the smallest drill bit for the first hole and work up to the drill size that will produce a hole you need. Sometimes it takes 3 different drill bit sizes.

Hold the glass under water and use the Dremel on the slowest speed, my Dremel only has 2 speeds, slow and fast. The first hole is the hardest because the drill bit wants to move on the glass, it takes a steady hand and slow speed. I also use a pyrex plate to drill in, just a small amount of water is all that is needed. Most times you have to hold the glass in your hands, be careful you don't drill your fingers, I did several times. 


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An 18 mm dime or 24mm quarter and 10 mm background squares in some pictures should help you with image sizing.


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