Blue Mountain Agate slice, translucent, polished, rare, earrings (rs91196)

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Origin: Blue Mountain Mine, Malheur, Oregon.

The Story:  I couldn't find anything on the internet describing a Blue Mountain Agate so I contacted Dale Huett, the owner of the Blue Mountain Mine, he told me that there are several locations near the mine that use to produce agates and his mine has been known to produce agates at times.  He told me I can call my slabs Blue Mountain Agate.

I have 6 slabs that I purchased 20 years ago at an estate sale, this listing is for 1 of the slabs.  (The last 2 pictures show the other 5 that are available.)  The Redondo Beach Gem Shop shop went out of business sometime back in the 60's or 70's and 20 years ago, the owners of the shop held an estate sale in Santa Rosa, Calif., that's where I purchased these rare slabs.

Characteristics:  Beautiful mixed colors of blues, red, green, yellow and gold, cut 3mm thin, I polished 1 side, in this slab there's a couple of small pits on the front and back, it's flat on both sides.  Color separation lines look like fractures but they're not.  You can't see the beauty in my pictures, in hand it's gorgeous. 

My pictures don't do the slab justice, they all have beautiful translucent vibrant colors, they probably would make super looking earrings if you wanted to cut it up, it would also look great as a suncatcher hanging in your window or as collector AAA grade backlit specimen in your cabinet display.

There is only the small pits and a small fracture near one of pits, all pits can be seen in the pictures.  There are no open fracture lines and all the lines have been naturally filled in.  Most of the lines were caused by color separation.

If your interested in any of the other slabs please contact us. 

Approx size : Irregular: 3 1/2" x 2" x 3 mm. Weight: 27.1 g


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Preformed slabs:  I try and remove all or most of the pits and open fractures to give you a more acceptable slab.  I also try my best to smooth out all the edges and the front and back. 

Finishing my rough slabs:  My recommendations are for you to start with 320 diamond grit and finish with 600 grit before polishing.  I have created several posts that show how I create cabs,  see my website blog on Designsbyshirl. 

My pictures: I use a full spectrum 45 w light bulb - photography photo CFL 5500K.  It's a daylight balanced pure white light.  The first and last 3 pictures are taken with a backlight.

An 18 mm dime or 24mm quarter and 10 mm background squares in some pictures should help you with image sizing.


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