Bristlecone Pine Forest Oolite designer cabochon, 15x41x6 mm, flat back cab, natural stone cab (o41881)

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Bristlecone Pine Forest Oolite designer cabochon

Type: Bristlecone Pine Forest Oolite Designer Cabochon
Origin: California
Colors: Blue, green and gray
Material: Natural Oolite.
Finish: Best Polish all sides, flat back, teardrop shape, rare material.  Surface fractures show in the pictures, hard to see in hand.  The general makeup of this material is with surface fractures.  They don't hur tthe integrity.   

Approx size: 15 x 41 x 6 mm Weight: 32 ct

The 10 mm grid and 18 mm dime in the pictures should help in sizing, 25 mm is equal to 1 inch.

The makeup of this material are grains of sand or other sediment rolling around on an ancient sea floor gradually picking up layers of deposits that show up as spherical cross-sections, called oolites, and that's how this fascinating stone was formed.  This was found in the area where Bristlecone pine trees have grown on ancient sea beds.  The area is closed for collecting.

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