Cobaltite Silver Ore rough slab, 2" x 2" x 5 mm, natural silver Cobalt ore, rough for cabs (rs102782)

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Cobaltite natural native Silver Ore rough slab

Origin: Cobalt mine, Ontario, Canada
Characteristics: Silver with grey and white quartz, irregular shape, natural material

Approx size: 2" x 2" x 5 mm, weight: 1.7 oz

This native ore is the rare material from the Cobalt Mine near Ontario, Canada. Make a cabochon and your jewelry will stand out, in the bright light the shine just pops out. It has a spiderweb appearance and with the silver, white and gray quartz it makes gorgeous jewelry.

The Cobalt silver rush of 1903 happened when huge veins of silver were discovered by railway workers. By 1905 a full-scale silver rush was underway, and the town of Cobalt, Ontario sprang up to serve as its hub. By 1908 Cobalt produced 9% of the world's silver. However, the ore ran out fairly rapidly, and most of the mines were closed by the 1930s. There were several small revivals, in World War II and again in the 1950s, but both petered out and today there is no active mining in the area. In total, the Cobalt area mines produced 460 million ounces of silver.

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