Dendritic Amethyst Sage Chalcedony rough slab, 3" x 1 1/2" x 10mm, manganese dendrites (as11981)

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Amethyst Sage Rough Slab, with Dendrites.

Origin: Northern Nevada, USA

Colors:brown, black and white.

Characteristics:  This slab does not show the translucent lavender chalcedony because it is to thick, it does show the beautiful manganese dendritic inclusions that enhances its scenic quality. There are some thinner pieces for sale that does show the translucent and quartz translucence. It's a little rough on the ends but no pits or fractures.  

Amethyst Sage, a translucent agate found in the Bilk Mountain range, in northern Nevada. It's name was derived from the lavender and sometime purple colors that make up this stone.  This will make fantastic looking cabochons.

Approx size:  3" x 1 1/2" x (irregular) 7-10mm.  Weight: 68.6 grams.  In the pictures the 10mm squares and 24 mm quarter also help you size the item. 


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