Flowering Tube Onyx designer cabochon, ( Cave Onyx ),11x17x5.5 mm, from Utah, natural, small cab, oval, ring size (ft112071)


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Flowering Tube Onyx designer cabochon

Origin: Utah
Colors: Brown and golden tones
Characteristics:: Natural Onyx, flower like designs,  high luster polish front and sides, low dome, flat back, small cab

Approx size: 11 x 17 x 5.5 mm, Weight: 11 ct

Flowering Tube Onyx is a unique looking stone that I purchased from estate sale in California. I knew nothing about it when I first saw it, cutting it was a chore, it wanted to fall apart, and it did. Most pieces I tried to cab became smaller pieces, some survived like this one to be a neat looking cab.

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