Iolite 5 mm faceted stones, 6.00 each, natural gemstone, loose gemstone, purple color gemstone (I22071)x

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Iolite loose gemstones

These stones are leftover faceted stones I purchased many years ago and never had a chance to use. Price is for 1 gemstone, 5 are available so put in the quantiy you want. No discounts on this lot.

Five 5 mm Iolite gemstones. Iolite is the gem name for cordierite, a silicate of aluminum and magnesium. Silmilar in color to Tanzanite but more affordable.

Its name comes from the Greek word "ios," meaning violet. Most iolite is found in gravel beds in the form of water-worn pebbles. It comes from India, Brazil, Kenya and Madagascar.

Iolite displays different colors when viewed from different angles. Iolite can appear almost clear in one orientation, then present a deep purple color in another orientation.

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Materials: 3mm loose gemstone,Iolite faceted gemstones