Mother of Pearl shell earrings, high shine & iridescent, 1 3/4" drop (e82591)

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Iridescent ear shaped Mother of Pearl shell drop earrings.

Drop Length:  large size earrings 1 3/4 ", medium size earrings 1 1/2".

Characteristics: Beautiful rare shell earrings. Iridescent Mother of Pearl, very light, fun to wear. Purchased over 15 years ago and was told then they couldn't get any more, I can't find them online so they are now scarce or rare, I don't know which.

Select your earwires, shown in 2nd picture.:

  1. Argentium earwires with SS bead. 20 sets available.  Sent as the default.
  2. SS earwires with bead and coil. 14 sets available.
  3. SS earwires w/ss hammered coil & bead. 12 sets available
  4. SS earwires w/gf bead & wire coil. 15 sets available
  5. SS earwires twisted w/ss coil and bead. 6 sets available.
  6. SS earwires w/ss bead & large loop.  4 sets available.
  7. GF earwires w/gf bead.  10 sets available.
  8. GF earwires w/gf bead & coin. 4 sets available.  

If you want something different than what it comes with select the number from the above list. Each order is a set of earrings sent in a gift box.  Multiple orders will each be sent in a gift box.  If you want to send a special gift to a different address that is not a problem. 

Individual large or medium shells with just the SS ring are also available.  You can attach the shell to your bracelet or make your own earrings or pendant, price is $4.00 each, must purchase at least 2 to get this special order.  Contact us if you are interested and I will make a special list for you to purchase.

I use a 24 mm coin and 10 mm squares in my pictures to help with image sizing.

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