Licinius I. Roman Coin, 307-324 AD. Jupiter, Victory, Eagle and Epsilon on reverse (C111671)

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Ancient Roman Coin, Licinius

Approx size: 21 mm, 1.5 mm thick. Weight: 3 grams

Licinius I, bust facing right

Reverse: Jupiter standing left, holding Victory on globe and scepter, eagle holding wreath at feet to left, Epsilon in right field, can't make out the mint mark.

Licinius I - Publius Flavius Galerius Valerius Licianus Licinius.  Emperor 307-324.  Given the rank of Augustus by Galerius. Issued the edict of Milan recognizing Christianity. Making war upon Constantine, Licinius was seized and slain.  Age probably 55 years at his death.



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