Mushroom Jasper rough slab, 38x60x6.5mm, scarce natural Rhyolite (rs32098)

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Mushroom Jasper Rough Slab

Origin: Near Quartzsite Arizona
Colors: Brown and gray tones.
Material: Natural Rhyolite (or Jasper as it's known)
Characteristics: Some pitting, shows up in the picture, its name comes from small mushroom like formations in the stone.  Rough slab unfinished 

The rock known as Mushroom Rhyolite or Mushroom Jasper is found in an area near Quartzite, Arizona. The rock gets its name from the repeating gray pattern that sometimes looks like a mass of growing mushrooms. 

Approx size: 38 x 60 x 6.5 mm, weight: 34.9g

First 2 pictures taken wet to bring out the colors.  Slab was sanded smooth on all sides with 325 grit. 

I use a 24 mm coin and 10 mm squares in my pictures to help with image sizing. 

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