Petrified wood cabochon, Peanut Wood, 15x27x6.5 mm, natural (pw111171)

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Peanut wood cabochon, ancient petrified driftwood

Origin:  Australia
Characteristics: Brown and creme colored. Teredo castings. This material may contain naturally sealed fractures and some pitting, the pictures will show them if they're there. I think they add to the beauty and uniqueness of the stone.
Finish: Best polish front and sides, sanded flat back, freeform shape.

Approx size : 15 x 27 x 6.5 mm,  weight 20 ct

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Peanut Wood is a rare and beautiful petrified wood from Australia. Rare because it is rarely mined, mainly because it required heavy equipment and the lack of water at the location. The lighter areas of the stone are made by a marine wood-boring bivalve, Teredo.

This is an ancient drift wood that sank to the mud at the bottom of the ocean and remained for millions of years. The wood is of several varieties, the main ones being "Araucaria"...a conifer & podocarp.

Found along the edges of the Kennedy Ranges about 100 miles inland from the coastal town of Carnarvon, Western Australia. The geological formation found in makes it around 120 million years old.

The general makeup of this material is usually some pitting and insignificant cracks. My pictures will show imperfections. I will not sell any cabs with cracks that will take away the beauty of the stone or cause possible breakage.

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