Pink translucent Rhodonite rough slab, 3"x2 3/8"x5mm, crystalized (rs2781)

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Pink Rhodonite Rough translucent slab 

Origin: California, USA

Material: Pink Chrystalized Rhodonite with quartz, rough slab

Characteristics: Crystalized Rhodonite, pink and black translucent colors. will take a beautiful shine, natural stone. First picture is with back lighting.  Rough slab not  polished..


Rhodonite is said to help balance your emotions and calm impatience. Rhodonite  works with the Heart Chakra to attract love and ground negative energies. It alsoe allows one to see areas in their life that can be improved on without getting down on, criticizing or judging oneself. 

Physically, Rhodonite is believed to support detoxification and healing of the organs, especially the liver. It is also said to help healing ailments of the heart, lungs, and nervous system, and is also used to reduce swelling and inflammation.

 Approx size: 3" x 2 3/8" x 4 mm, weight: 2.1 oz. 

The 10 mm grid and 24 mm US Quarter in my pictures should also help in sizing, 25 mm is equal to 1 inch.


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