Royal Imperial Jasper Cabochon, 17x24x6 mm, small cab, ring size (R52681)

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Royal Imperial Jasper Designer Cabochon

Origin: Mexico

Material: Natural Jasper from Mexico
Characteristics: Best polish all sides, unique design and colors, smooth flat back, scarce, natural stone, brown tones, mirror shine 

Approx size: 17 x 24 x 6 mm   Weight: 20.5 ct

Royal Imperial Jasper is found in northern Mexico, they are small nodules as opposed to Imperial Jasper which is similar in colors but found in large veins and comes in much bigger pieces. Some years back they were finding a lot nodules on top of the ground, now they don't and the rough now is pretty much disappearing. This jasper produces a mirror polish and looks great in jewelry. 

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