Ruby in Zoisite Cabochon, 31x27x10 mm, heart shape, finished all sides, bright polish (rz32581)

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Ruby in Zoisite Designer Cabochon

Origin: Tanzania, Africa
Colors: Green and Red
Characteristics: Best polish all sides, heart shape, low dome, natural Ruby and Zoisite, 

 Approx size: 31 x 27 x 10 mm, Weight 73 ct

The 10 mm grid and 18 mm dime in the pictures should help in sizing, 25 mm is equal to 1 inch.

Ruby in Zoisite, also known as Anyolite, is the natural combination of ruby and zoisite crystals in a single specimen. Zoisite, the same mineral as tanzanite, provides an earthy green color while ruby lends pink and red highlights.

Ruby with Zoisite was first discovered in 1954 in Tanzania. The name Anyolite derives from the word for “green” in the native language of the Masai tribe.

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