Rutilated Quartz rough, 10 small specimens, 121 grams for cabs or specimens, golden rutile (rq4471)x

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Rutilated Quartz rough

Type: Rutilated Quartz rough
Origin: Brasil
Colors: Golden rutile and clear and smoky quartz
Material: Rutilated quartz rough, some pieces also sliced from bigger pieces.
Finish: Natural rough

Small rough pieces for specimens or cut for cabs. No other discounts with this item. This is old material from Brazil.

Folklore, Legend and Metaphysical Properties

It's said Rutilated Quartz helps bring forth personal strength, originality, aids sleep and help relate to others. It's also said to help slow down the aging process and to be a string healer and assists with tissue regeneration. It's also said to enhance mental and physical stability, self-reliance, and meditation on feminine ideas. Rutilated quartz is associated with the solar plexus charkra.

The above info is offered as a service, it's not meant to replace medical treatment but can be used as a supplement or enhancement. Info accuracy not guaranteed and my info may have been shortened to fit the card. Always consult a medical doctor on your health matters.

Approx size: 121 grams. Various sizes, compare to 25 mm quarters in the picture.

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Materials: Rutilated Quartz rough,Golden rutile

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