Scapolite crystals, 60 ct, rough stones, natural clear loose gemstones (Sc41172)

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Scapolite Crystals

Type: Scapolite crystals.
Location: Unknown
Color: Clear color 
Characteristics: Natural material for specimen display or jewelry.

Approx size: Various, compare them to the 18mm dime in the picture. Weight: 60 ct

Scapolites are a group of rock-forming silicate minerals composed of aluminium, calcium, and sodium silicate with chlorine.

Metaphysical and Lore
Scapolite is for problem-solving and taking responsibility for your actions. It can encourage you to get rid of bad habits and help you to move forward. This unique crystal will make you feel calm in a stressful situation, it allows you to deal with problems without feeling overwhelmed, irritable and overemotional. Scapolite helps you set goals and it can give you the stamina and fortitude to reach them.

Scapolite can be very beneficial for those starting their own business or going into a joint venture. It helps younger children learn to try new things and it will help young adults gain self-reliance on their own after they move out on their own.

Scapolite is said to help with high blood pressure; vein and artery problems; tension headaches; emotional overload; ear infections and glandular disorders.

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