Shattuckite rough chunk, 1.28 lb, natural rare blue green spiderweb (rc21794)

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Rare spiderweb Azurite and Shattuckite rough chunk

Origin: Ajo, Arizona
Colors: Red, blue, green and grey tones.
Characteristics: Rough chunk, Azurite, Shattuckite, Malachite and secondary minerals found in the Ajo copper mines of Arizona. Pictures taken wet to bring out the colors. Open fractures can be seen on the surfaced end side close to the edge,with that fracture running around to the surfaced long side for 17mm.

Approx size: 3 1/2" x 2" x 2 1/8"  Weight: 1.28 lb. 

A very unique and rare type of Shattuckite from Arizona. Shattuckite is a relatively rare copper silicate mineral. It was first discovered in 1915 in the copper mines of Bisbee, Arizona, specifically the Shattuck Mine (hence the name). The Ajo mine is probably where my rough came from. I have seen similar for sale on the internet. This material has a spider web appearance. Along with the mineral Shattuckite, there is Azurite, Cuprite and Malachite.

Azurite, a very popular gemstone used for cabochons because of its unparalleled color, a deep royal blue called "azure". It is normally found with Malachite, but can also be found with other copper ores, such as sky blue Shattuckite or red Cuprite.


Azurite is believed to stimulate intellect as well as intuition, and is great for those studying new or challenging subjects. Shattuckite is known as the stone of truth. Shattuckite is a soothing and calming stone.


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